McKinley Mac to be Renamed

Author: KSRM News Desk |

While many McDonald’s customers are excited about the all-day breakfast option that went national today, the golden arches under Alaskan skies have another announcement.


Scott Cunningham: “It’s official, we are going to be changing the name of the McKinley Mac to the Denali Mac.”


Local McDonald’s owner Scott Cunningham says the decision came last week.


The new promotional materials for the Denali Mac are being created and Cunningham said those will be seen in the next month or so.


He also spoke about McDonald’s decision to serve all-day breakfast items.


Cunningham: “There are different markets. Basically because of capacity issues back in our kitchens you could choose either between offering the muffin line or the biscuit line. Seventy percent of our breakfast sandwiches up here in Alaska are muffins so we went with the muffin line.”


All-day breakfasts were launched at the Kenai Peninsula McDonald’s about a week and a half ago.


The national move was prompted by stale sales performances and Cunningham said the number one request by customers was all-day breakfast.