Yragui Urges Fellow Residents to Band Together

K-Beach resident and flooding victim Dave Yragui has issued a letter asking fellow residents to join him as a way to push the borough into action.


As we previously reported, Yragui has hired both an experienced Alaskan hydrogeologist to study the situation and an attorney for guidance, through which he issued a letter to the borough with proposals as to what might be done in regards to the flooding.


Borough Mayor Mike Navarre addressed the letter in the July 1 assembly meeting.


Navarre: “We did receive a letter from Mr. Yragui’s attorney that is threatening potential lawsuit if the borough doesn’t take prescribed action that they’ve requested, and we do not agree with some of the information in the letter and we are preparing a response but because it is from an attorney we are going to not distribute it to the assembly until we figure out what our appropriate response is going to be.” 


In a new letter by Yragui circulating he states, “I did not file a lawsuit against the borough. I hired an attorney because I believe the inaction we have experienced will ultimately result in the decimation of hundreds of homes. We believe a class action lawsuit may be the only thing that will motivate this administration into fulfilling their obligations of being in service to the taxpayers.”


He and his lawyer said they prefer not to go on record due to the situation however asked that anyone who has had flooding issues on Gaswell Rd, Poppy Lane, or Murwood subdivision off of K-Beach to email him at redoubt@alaska.net and to include their name, address, phone number, and email address along with any damages incurred by the flooding.

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