Young, NTSB Focus on Personal Aircraft

We’ve previously reported that the NTSB paid particular attention to personal aviation safety while representatives were in Soldotna…


Weener: “If you break it down and look at corporate flying, which is improved, business flying, which is improved, instruction flying, which is improved, that leaves personal flying, and that’s getting worse. It’s getting worse to the tune of about 20 percent increase in the rate of accidents over the last decade.”


The NTSB was in town for a commercial aviation accident, but it seems the federal government is renewing its focus on personal aircraft.


Congressman Don Young was proud to announce this week that the U.S. House of Representatives unanimously passed H.R. 1848, the Small Airplane Revitalization Act of 2013, which he cosponsored.  H.R. 1848 would expedite needed reforms to the certification process of General Aviation aircraft.


Young says the bill will require the FAA to issue a final rule by the end of 2015, which will:


  • Create a streamlined regulatory regime for small airplanes that improves safety and decreases costs;
  • Set safety objectives that will spur innovation and technology adoption;
  • Replace the existing prescriptive regulatory regime with new standards for compliance and testing; and
  • Use FAA-accepted consensus standards to clarify how FAR Part 23 safety objectives may be met by specific designs and technologies.


Young said this bill was especially important to him, since Alaska is home to the largest number of pilots and aircraft per capita in the United States.

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