Young Announces Re-Election Bid

Posted: July 1, 2013 at 6:00 am

Rep. Young(R-AK): “Big thank you for their support and understanding that I’m the best person for the job, and I’ll continue to be that person as long as I run.”


That was Congressman Don Young, after he won re-election last year. Young’s office announced this weekend he will be running again in the 2014 election, true to his 2012 promise…


Rep. Young(R-AK): “I’ve been your voice, and I’ve done a good job for this state for the 40-years, and expect to do it for another 10-years.”


The Congressman is currently the fifth-longest serving House member, with over 40 years in the State’s sole House seat. Young’s office says he will will officially file tomorrow afternoon at the State Division of Elections in Anchorage.


So far, two Alaskans have filed for the same seat: Republican John R. Cox of Anchor Point and Democrat Matt Moore.

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One Comment to “Young Announces Re-Election Bid”

  • Bill and Samon Arnold says:

    John Who and Matt Who? Don Young is a “shoe in” for both the primary and general elections! Book this in Las Vegas!