Write-In Presidential Candidate to Feature on Sound Off



What do Franklin D. Roosevelt, Richard Nixon and Lisa Murkowski have in common? They all won write-in campaigns during significant election. In the growing  number of write-in candidates for next months’ Presidential Election, we spoke to one hopeful, Rick Rogers of Washington State. We asked Mr. Rogers if he was intimidated by the process.



Rogers: “Not really. If it was [intimidating], I probably wouldn’t even be running. But I’m not afraid because I just think about our troops in harm’s way, fighting for our freedom wherever they are. I just think about the courage it takes for them to step out onto the battlefield and face an enemy that wants to kill them. To run for political office and stand up to the bullies in Washington, yeah it can be intimidating, but when it comes right down to the courage you need to do that, it’s minuscule compared to what our troops face. I’m an ex-military person and I understand their mentality better.”


Mr. Rogers will  be a guest on the Tall, Dark and Handsome Hour next Wednesday, October 24 at 9am. You can find out more about his policies at http://rogersforamerica.com/

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