Wrapping Paper a Bad Burning Idea

To ensure a safe and happy holiday, local emergency personnel and fire departments are asking revelers to take a little extra care.


Chief Mike Tilly with the Kenai Fire Department said there are some simple ways to cut down on risks, starting with holiday wrapping paper…


Chief Tilly: “Your fireplaces are designed typically to burn wood, which burns very slow, in a controlled environment. Wrapping paper is very volatile burns very fast, and it doesn’t look like much when you ball it all up and throw it in the fireplace. And then also, if you have an open fireplace, it has a tendency to expand, and could possibly push back out of the fireplace. Airtight fireplaces, obviously you have a nice secure door that you can close things up, but those kind of stoves aren’t designed to burn a terrible amount of paper, they’re typically designed to burn something that burns slower and in a more controlled environment.”


Instead, most wrapping paper can be recycle. Click here for a full list of local transfer stations.

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