Wooden Utensils a Common Fire Hazard in Dishwashers

Fire officials are continuing to investigate a house fire on Denali St earlier this week, but Central Emergency Services Fire Marshall Gary Hale said it looks like the fire started in the dishwasher. He had this warning…


Hale: “Inside of dishwashers that actually catch fire, if we can catch them early enough we can investigate them and we still have something good to work with, we usually find that wooden spoons and plastic spoons that actually fall down on the heating element, when it’s producing high heat for drying, we see that they usually catch fire in that period of time. So, there’s a lot of people out there that don’t understand things like this, but it does happen in the real world.”


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Hale said after seeing the damage that can be caused by sensitive utensils, he recommends handwashing these items.

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