Wolf to Attempt to Repeal Streams Ordinance…Again

An ordinance to repeal the borough’s anadromous streams protection ordinance is set to be introduced to the borough assembly during next Tuesday’s meeting. The ordinance was sponsored, by freshman assembly member Kelly Wolf…


Asm. Wolf(K-Beach): “Well the intent is, is to, put back to the assembly to do what the people asked, and repeal 2011-12.”


With the administration’s task force continuing their town hall meeting process, even after this ordinance would be introduced to the assembly, we asked Wolf if he thought this would be premature…


Asm. Wolf(K-Beach): “No, I don’t believe so. I think the task force, especially after the town hall meeting in Nikiski; I think the task force has buried their head. Assembly is hearing from an overwhelming number of people, as well as the task force, they want this thing repealed, or to start over. It was developed, in short and sweet terms, the dark of night, introduced without proper notice, and I think that the people deserve to have their voices heard. Whether I believe that this ordinance is going to be moved forward to a public hearing, I don’t. I think there’s a certain number of individuals on the assembly that want anything to do with repealing, I don’t think they don’t care what the people want or think.”



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