Wolf Suggests Proactive Carrot, Not Reactive Stick, For Anadromous Habitat

Borough Assembly Member Kelly Wolf has introduced an ordinance to repeal the Borough’s Anadromous Streams Ordinance, and is recommending a more “proactive” approach to habitat protection.


Asm. Wolf(K-Beach): “I’d even get behind an ordinance that would create tax incentives for land owners that would be willing to protect their habitat along their stream, or any water body, or to do improvements that would protect that sensitive riparian habitat. It’s through education that we can protect the riparian habitat that is vital to our fish. I’m just totally opposed to a overreach of government that just grows government that’s reactionary.”


Wolf said he likes the Steam Watch program, which has been used successfully on the Russian River. He said Ordinances which seek to ‘punish’ irresponsible residents are a bad idea, since…


Asm. Wolf(K-Beach): “The impact has already taken place. There’s no protection there, it’s a reactive approach. The proactive approach is what benefits our habitat, and that Stream Watch program is a proactive approach.”


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