Wintry Change Coming for the Kenai

The National Weather Service says the sunny days this week won’t last through the weekend. Jason Ahsenmacher is a forecaster based in¬†Anchorage…


Ahsenmacher: “Well we’ve obviously been seeing very pleasant, spring-like weather the last few days. We’ve been in what we call a blocking pattern, with a large upper level range over the Arctic circle and that’s been keeping most of the cold air farther off to our east, like in Canada, and we’ve been under the influence of more of this high pressure, and we’re going to stay under that influence through Friday. Once we head into Saturday and then on Sunday, we lose that blocking pattern over the Arctic circle and the cold air starts to drain in through mainland Alaska.”


Ahsenmacher said it’s not yet clear exactly where the weekend snow will hit, or how long it will stick.



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