Winter Is Coming And Its Time To Move Your Vehicle

Like it or not, winter is well on its way and with that comes the issue of keeping snow out of your driveway and keeping your cars off of the road.

We spoke with Peninsula Borough Road Service Area Director Pat Malone  about the importance of keeping your car off the roadway during the winter.


Malone: “Pretty much anywhere in the borough it is in fact illegal to park in a place that would interfere with the operation of snow removal equipment. If its not a road way maintained that’s fine with me you can park wherever you want but something we have to maintain, if you park in the road or close enough to the road that the contractors that are out there trying to plow snow and move it back away from the edges of the road, if you’re in their way, you’re probably going to get a notice that you need to move your vehicle or possibly have it towed.”


We also asked Malone the policies of pushing snow out of your driveway and into the roadway.




Malone: “That is actually against the law, now I realize there are circumstances where its almost unavoidable but it is illegal to push the snow out into the right of way, like I said I know there are circumstances that its not avoidable and I would really hope that someone would have another choice and they could clean it up because it really could be a problem.”


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