Will 2014 Gas Shortage Affect Homer Project?

Despite some public concern, the Kenai Peninsula Borough continues with a plan to loan close to $13 million to the cities of Homer and Kachemak City to finance a new natural gas pipeline. The KSRM News Department asked Borough Mayor Mike Navarre if the projected natural gas shortfall in 2014 will affect the viability of the project…


Navarre: “You know, I don’t think it has any impact on getting gas to Homer. I think that there’s gas in Anchor Point, you know, there’s a gas line that comes north, the gas line going south. It’s not going to have such an impact that it will further erode that shortfall.”


The Borough Mayor also gave his views on the future.


Navarre: “And I’m also cautiously optimistic that we’ll see additional gas finds in the Cook Inlet. We’re already seeing some, I’m hopeful that we’ll see an accelerated production schedule over the next several years, with a lot of new investment, and it’ll help push that gap back several years, so that we have time to figure out a longer-term solution.”


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