Wiley’s Name Defended at Assembly Meeting

An unnamed Borough resident sent a letter to local government officials earlier this year, casting aspersions on the character of the late Mike Wiley after it was suggested the Kasilof Bridge be renamed in his honor.


Last night, Wiley’s daughters, Heidi Wiley Wong and Holly Nagasako,¬†spoke to the Borough Assembly, saying Wiley wouldn’t have asked to have a bridge named in his honor, and he doesn’t deserve to have his reputation questioned…


Wong: “My father fought for what he felt was right, but he didn’t do this with his fist, he did this with his heart. My dad does have one charge of domestic violence on his record, which wasn’t really domestic violence at all, and his former girlfriend who no longer lives in this area has stated in a letter to the Assembly that she tried to have these charges removed.

Nagasako: “It is unfortunate that we have all been put on defense of my father’s character. He dedicated his life to his community, where he lived, wherever he lived.”

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