Wildlife Areas to See Cuts Under Fiscal Cliff

Wildlife care groups have assembled, saying Alaska’s 88 million acres of federal wildlife refuges will suffer funding cuts if there’s no solution to the impending fiscal cliff.


Desiree Sorenson-Groves, of the Cooperative Alliance for Refuge Enhancement (C.A.R.E.), spoke on behalf of American sportfish, the NRA and the Safari Club International…


Sorenson-Groves: “We could see pretty drastic impacts, so closed refuges, very big thing. Another thing we’re very concerned about, and this would definitely impact Alaska, is volunteer programs. Around the nation, friends and refuge volunteers do 20% of all the work, so just right there you know the volunteers are providing a huge benefit to the American people. They are basically leveraging the federal dollar, but yet if you, if a refuge manager is thinking about how they’re going to absorb a cut, they may have to move staff from one thing to another, so may need the person who oversees volunteers to now work on a biological program.”


Sorenson-Groves said financial cuts could also impact the ability of refuges to fight invasive species and monitor changing habitats.

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