Why Re-Roof CES Building in Winter?

 Last night, the Borough Assembly authorized a contract to Christiansen Construction from Wasilla to replace the roof of Central Emergency Services Station #1. Borough Mayor Mike Navarre then had a difficult question from Assembly Vice President Charlie Pierce…


Pierce: “The community asked me to ask the question in regards to the scheduling of roof repairs at Central Emergency Services, it’s December, December/November, we’re putting a new roof on that building? Who picked the timing of that? Isn’t that something you usually do in the summer?”


Mayor Navarre said the project was actually started in the summer, and that he didn’t know why the contractor hasn’t yet started the work. Mr. Pierce continued…


Pierce: “I’d just question the quality of the work that would be done in sub-zero weather with the tar peeling tar off of the roof and reapplying tar in sub-zero weather and wondering about the standard and quality of the work that we’re going to get as a result of that. I was asked to ask the question.”


Mayor Navarre said he’d follow up on that question and report back.

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