Who’s Fishing Alaska?

According to a national survey published by the U.S. Census Bureau, non-resident fishermen significantly outnumber resident fishermen each year. In 2011, there were 116,000 more non-resident fishermen than locals.


327,000 non-residents lined the banks of the Kenai and other state fisheries that year, resulting in a financial boon of $639 million.


According to the report, sport fishermen spent $528 million on food, lodging and transportation; $56 million on fishing equipment; and $35 million on camping and other equipment.


As for time spent on the water, 4.4 million fishing days were tallied, giving an average trip length of eight days.


While the incoming figures are impressive, only 15,000 Alaskans traveled out-of-state to wet their hooks, and even those fishermen made logged fishing hours in-state as well.


Coincidentally, these figures were all taken one year before the King Salmon disaster hit headlines. Figures for 2012 haven’t yet been made available, and only time will tell how the fisheries have changed.

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