Weight Loss and Fitness Be Should Lifestyle Not Resolution

With the new year, many will be making New Years resolutions. One of the leading resolution each year, is to work out and diet. We spoke to Angie Brennan, a certified personal trainer with the Fitness Place in Soldotna…


Brennan: “Keep it simple, it’s not rocket science. It really boils down to a good stick to it attitude, you know, finding what works best for them, not everybody is the same. So doing a little investigating, for example, somebody wants to get to the gym and exercise, and it’s great, but they think they need to do it an hour or two-hours a day, and that’s just not going to work and it fizzles out. I think it’s best to sit down and figure out what really works for their life.”


Brennan also said that when it comes to what you eat, it’s more than just “dieting”


Brennan: “It needs to be a lifestyle, what ever you decide to do, it needs to something that you’re willing to do for the rest of your life. So healthy eating choices, and really investigating what that really means, because there’s a lot of different leads out there that’s incorrect, and political  So really figuring it out, digging deep, and doing some self investigating.”

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