Week of Remembrance Marks Quake Anniversary

Wrapping up our week of earthquake memories, Jack Porter of Nikiski shared yesterday…


Porter: “It sounded, I’ve heard a lot of people say this, but it sounded like a freight train coming long before the ground started to shake… and those two power poles kind of came together and then they straightened back up, and when they did there was a ‘TWANG!’ just like a guitar string.”


Porter was a guest on KSRM’s Sound Off for a special series looking back at the impacts of the 1964 Good Friday earthquake.


The 9.2 tremors shook the state and caused between $2.2 and $3 billion worth of damage in today’s dollars. The event changed the way Alaskans think about earthquakes.


To make sure students know what to do in the event of another quake, yesterday the school district joined the Great Alaska Shakeout, practicing the ‘stop, cover, and hold on’ technique. Redoubt Elementary Acting Administrator Bill¬†Withrow…


Withrow: “Even all of our support staff and substitute teachers were part of the drill today,s o close to 400 kids at Redoubt Elementary.”

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