Walmart Agrees to Alaskan Fish Certification

The State of Alaska and Walmart have reached an agreement over Alaskan seafood, paving the way for more open communication in the future.


Stefanie Moreland, fisheries adviser to Governor Sean Parnell, previously explained that Alaskan fishery advisers decided not to participate in the Marine Stewardship Council certification process…


Moreland: “We found that eco-label movement has become more about brand protection and restricting market access than sustainability. In 2011, Alaska’s leading salmon producers decided to withdraw from the MSC program. They saw the Alaska brand being eroded and being replaced by a generic eco-label.”


Until now, Walmart has only purchased seafood certified by the MSC, but Parnell’s office said¬†Walmart has amended its sourcing policies to allow for multiple certification programs that meet principles outlined by The Sustainability Consortium.


The State will continue working with TSC as the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute considers the recently released TSC principles.



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