Walker Speaks About State Deficit

Gubernatorial candidate Bill Walker appeared on KSRM’s soundoff where he spoke about one issue in particular that worries him.


Walker: “An overriding issue for me is the budget, for sure, we’re in the biggest deficit in our state’s history and the forecast, the office of management and budget puts out a 10 year forecast and it shows a forecast for the next 10 years and  as we draw down on various savings accounts, Scott Goldsmith estimated that our draw down is about 7 million dollars a day and I’m not sure its quite that much but that’s his number that that’s how much we draw down on our savings accounts so the question is do we run out in five years or six years and that’s what concerns me and if my wife and I didn’t have a bunch of kids and grand kids, we try to have a family dinner every Sunday night and I look at them and I worry about their future.” 


He also said that in his time in Alaska, which started before statehood he has seen Alaska’s finances do better and hopes to see it again.


Walker also promised and has said before that if appointed governor he would never appoint an out of state representative to a state board.

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