Voters Trickle in For New Soldotna Mayor

Posted: April 2, 2013 at 4:01 pm

This evening, Soldotna residents should know the name of their new Mayor.


There’s still time to vote for either Dr. Nels Anderson or Dave Carey, who shared similar views on the city of Soldotna, but differed on how to treat city property tax…


Mr. Carey…


Carey: “The idea of eliminating property tax, from my stand point, for especially those that are low income or on fixed incomes, it would help them to take that small burden off of them. In the same way, if a business is looking at which community that they wish to locate in, if a community has a clear record of not having property taxes, I believe that’s a plus,  as compared to other places that might have property taxes. And so I see that we want to look at all options to make us economically stronger, but also to help our residents, and to me, the discussion on property tax is that kind of an issue.”


Dr. Anderson…


Dr. Anderson: “The mayor doesn’t have a vote on that, and to set that at ease, the city council, at least at present doesn’t support that particular issue. You have people like Pete Sprague, who I guess would be considered progressive, you’ve got people like Dale Bagley, who’s certainly an ultra conservative and good friend by the way, and people like Brenda Hartman our vice-mayor, all of whom oppose eliminating the property taxes.  Now if you look at Soldotna, its real interesting, because we have a .65 mils, so on a $250,000 house, property tax for the year is $162. If you live across the street, out of the city of Soldotna, you are paying a 1.4 mil borough road tax, which the city of Soldotna does not pay, which is $350, so actually you’re saving $138 by living in the City of Soldotna.”


Moments ago, we spoke to Soldotna election officials about today’s turnout…


The polls are still open at Soldotna City hall on Birch Street.


For full coverage of the election results, tune in to KSRM, 920AM tonight, where the KSRM News Department will follow the final count.

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