Voter Initiatives Meet Closed Door at Borough

Posted: July 3, 2013 at 8:12 am

James Price has been party to several voter initiatives, but at last night’s meeting of the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly, he expressed frustration that they rarely make it to the ballot…


Price: “The Borough Assembly in the past has taken proactive efforts to eliminate every initiative that has been passed by the people of the Borough since 2001. Every initiative has been overridden by Assembly Ordinance or has been brought up for reconsideration by the voters through Assembly action.”


Members found that the initiatives generally fail because of technical or legal reasons…


Price: “And it’s really, in my opinion, been designed to keep us from putting the issues on the ballot, and I strongly oppose that happening.”


Price said similar pieces still make to voters in other cities like Anchorage. Assembly President Linda Murphy suggested…


Assy. President Murphy(Soldotna): “The Municipality of Anchorage is a home-rule municipality, they operate under rules than a general law municipality, so there could be a reason there.”

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