Voter Initiative to Increase Property Tax Exemptions

Sturman: “I just feel like the people should get a $50,000 exemption on their homes.”


That was Fred Sturman, one of the Co-sponsors of Alaskans for Property Tax Relief Now, which seeks to raise the Kenai Peninsula Borough property tax exemption from $20,000 to $50,000. The Borough was authorized to make the change through a public vote last year, but fellow Co-sponsor James Price said they so far haven’t made any moves to make the cut, so Alaskans for Property Tax Relief Now are collecting signatures to get another vote to the people…


Price: “And if we’re able to collect the signatures and bring this to the Borough by, I think July the 28th, we’ll get this on the 2013 Borough ballot. Otherwise, we’ve got 90 days to collect signatures and get it on the 2014 ballot.”


Price said that since the Borough Assembly failed enact the tax relief after last year’s vote, they’re bringing the issue before the voters through the local initiative process. He says they only need 997 signatures to get the initiative approved, since the last general election saw very low voter turnout.


Anyone interested in joining the initiative is urged to call Price on 776-3481.

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