Vote by Mail Petition Filed with Borough Clerk’s Office

A group of borough residents formed a committee to promote the Better Elections Initiative.  The group filed an initiative petition last Friday with the Borough Clerk’s office on Friday to change the voting practices to ‘Vote by Mail’ with a ‘Ranked Choice Voting’ provision.

James Price is a cosponsor of the initiative…


Price: “This is designed to give everyone equal access to the polls. Whether you work in the building that has the voting paraphernalia, you know, the booths, or whether you’re at home, you will all equally receive a ballot at your doorstep delivered  by postal mail. This is proven to be effective and safe, and it’s cost effective, it increases participation, and it gives voters a longer opportunity to study the ballot and find answers to their questions so they can make a more informed decision.”


The petition was filed on Friday, May 10th, and the Clerk’s office now has 10 business days to certify or reject the initiative.  If certified, the Clerk’s office has 10 additional days to print petition signature booklets.  Then registered voters can begin signing the petitions.  A total of 997 signatures are required to put this question before voters in the 2013 Municipal election.


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