Volunteer Search Continues, Organizers Urge Help to Check-in

As volunteers and family continue in depth searches of the area surrounding the missing Kenai family’s home, organizers ask that the public keep the search in mind.


Mike Penland with the search spoke with us about people in the area checking in.


Penland: “And if anyone is going to come out into our search area, whether its recreating or whether they’re are coming out to look on their own if they would make us aware of their activities because if we see fresh activities in an area that has previously been searched we end up having to research it.”


He added that they have already had to re-investigate some previously searched areas due four wheeler activity last night.


Penland also said that they are trying to raise money for a cash reward and details may be found on…


Penland: “On both the Funny River Fire Community Resource facebook page, the Peninsula Crimestoppers facebook page and the Peninsula Crimestoppers website.”


Joe Dilley has been conducting the aerial search for the family and spoke about searching the grid.


Dilley: “You just fly a pattern, maybe half mile squares and you try to get to the right altitude that you can see that half a mile area, and if something is of interest you just look at it more closely and if it really brings up any bells or alarms, what I’ve been doing is sending back the information via text to Command Central and here at IC they will send out foot traffic or people to access it on four wheelers or on foot.” 


He said that both yesterday and today there were probably somewhere around 20 volunteers on horseback, four wheelers, and other vehicles conducting the search.

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