Volcanoes Mostly Quiet Around Alaska

Two volcanoes that have been frequently active over the past months have now been reduced to alert level: Watch, meaning no recent eruptive activity has been recorded.


We spoke with Volcanologist at AVO Tina Neil.


Neil: “Veniaminof volcano has been erupting for a couple of months as you know and over the last week or two we’ve seen a decline in the overall level of seismicity or earthquake activity at that volcano. In addition as we’ve been watching this volcano using satellites and webcam imagery, we’re seeing no sign of continuing effusion of lava or emission of ash”.


Neil said Cleveland volcano has also been quiet as of late.


Additionally the AVO has an ongoing project for the public to participate in.



Neil: “Every year now we’re trying to put out a call to former and current servicemen and women, various armed forces branches, asking them to share pictures of volcanoes in Alaska. Many of the service people fly up and down the chair or have been around so we actually have a little news item on our website asking service members to share photos with us.



That item can be found at the Alaska Observatory website. 




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