Vitamin D Bill Heard in the Legislature Next Week

Homer’s Rep. Paul Seaton is cosponsoring a bill to test Vitamin D levels in newborns…


Rep. Seaton(R-Homer): “Studies that have been done in Australia in all of language impairment, if mothers in their 2nd trimester in their pregnancy have low Vitamin D there’s a four-fold increase of severe to moderate language impairment when kids go into school. And so, we’ve got another hearing on that bill on Thursday, February 6.”


The bill would direct hospitals to take cord blood samples from newborns, to start compiling state data on Vitamin D and language impairments.


Rep. Seaton(R-Homer): “Just like it is with the tests for genetic disorders, a parent could opt out of it. It would be a normal part of the process but people can opt out of it if they still want. And it’s just two drops on a little card, it doesn’t go into anybody’s record, it just lets us assess where the ¬†population of Alaska is. So it’s not a personal medical record that is going to attach to anyone.”¬†

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