Veterans To Be Exempt From Some Driving Tests

With today now officially Vietnam Veteran’s Day in Alaska, it’s fitting another bill for veterans was passed, unanimously. HB 46 was sponsored by Representative Dan Saddler, and waives the road skills test for recent veterans who gained driving experience in uniform.


Rep. Dan Saddler(R-JBER/Eagle River): “It’s important to veterans that have military experiences operating as motor vehicle operators, the 88 Mikes out there, to know that their experience is not going to go to waste on the civilian side. This is the first of a number of programs, I hope, that helps people turn their experience in the service towards good-paying civilian credentials and jobs on the civilian side. I’m very pleased, and very pleased with Senator Fred Dyson for carrying this in the Senate and for seeing this bill to completion.”


The bill passed the House unanimously on March 1, and now goes to the Governor for signature.

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