Veteran’s Day Service Held Today At Sports Complex

In honor of Veteran’s day today a service was held at the Soldotna Regional Sports Complex.


In attendance was much of the community, soldiers currently in service, and of course veterans.


We spoke with Rep. Mike Chenault about the turn out this year.


Rep. Chenault: “It was a great turn out today, a lot of veterans and a lot of civilians here trying to thank the veterans for the services for the services they’ve provided for our country. Thank you, I think that is the biggest thing and the best thing we can do is thank a veteran everyday.”


We also spoke with Sgt. 1st class Albert Burns about the Veteran’s Day Service.


Sgt. Burns: “It was actually really good especially with the weather and slick roads. Its been great, a lot of young kids and its been really good to see them as well as to see all the vets out here and their families supporting them its been great. Thank you, thank you to the ones that have been there before, to the ones that are coming up and the ones that are overseas, the family members to those bets because without them we wouldn’t be able to do what we do.” 

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