Veteran Park Memorial Recieves Criticism

Posted: February 11, 2014 at 5:01 pm
Veteran's Memorial Monument in Leif Hansen Memorial Park

Veteran’s Memorial Monument in Leif Hansen Memorial Park

Last year the City of Kenai allocated funding to make improvements to the Leif Hansen Memorial Park, including a metal monument designed as a veteran’s memorial which is now receiving criticism for a cross on it.


The monument includes a soldier kneeling before a cross, to which a couple of Kenai City Council Members have raised questions on the issue of separation of church and state since the memorial is on City land, according to Kenai Mayor Pat Porter.


Mayor Porter: “The possibility of moving it to a different location was discussed. However, it’s not come before council and a majority of the council has not even talked about it. It’s kind of surfaced now and in the general public, so this is where we’re at where the general public is beginning to find out about it. But even if the memorial was moved it wouldn’t happen until sometime during the summer.” 


Mayor Porter also said that there has been no complaints from the public about the cross on the monument.



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18 Comments to “Veteran Park Memorial Recieves Criticism”

  • Jeff says:

    Can we get any more retarded as a country??? Stupidest thing I have heard in awhile – it’s just a grave marker! Don’t we have plenty of real problems to worry about???

  • muddy moose says:

    Mayor Porter stated that none of the public has had an issue with it……….nobody did till it was brought up and now scrutinized. Why make a problem out of nothing……….I’m confused………..

  • Rodney Hobby says:

    I see nothing wrong with the cross. You can’t please everybody all the time, and you don’t like it you don’t have to go visit it either. Leave the cross on there, cause it was a life line for many vets in time of war and conflict.
    This country is getting crazy about everything.

  • Julie says:

    Really!!! We’re going to start Religion and politics in Alaska…. Ridiculous!!!!!

  • Claudia says:

    If there have been no complaints, WHY bring it up?

  • Kelly Wolf says:

    The Kenai city council needs to grow back bone! America was founded on christian principals, our currency has
    in God we Trust and the last time I checked public meetings are started with pledge and pray.
    One more point our veterans who paid with their lives so we could hold office in a free nation were each given a
    CROSS for their service, Now some weak elected members wish to not stand up to possible action.
    Put on your boots people and take a stand for our veterans

  • Gary Dugger says:

    The cross has nothing to do with church and state. It is a marker showing respect for a fallen soldier. Why is there always someone that has to make something out of nothing. Why is when some people get a little leadership they loose all common since

  • Jim West says:

    How could those people be so STUPID??? If you do not believe in GOD annd COUNTRY, MOVE!!! This
    makes me sick!!!

  • kristina says:

    I didn’t look at it as a religious sign I looked at it as a burial cross Where a fallen has been layed to rest♡

  • Robin says:

    I believe after reading the comments so far there may be hell to pay if you try to move it. Leave it….we the people are speaking!! Listen. We want it to stay and anyone who doesn’t like it needs to Zip it and don’t visit the site.

  • Mike says:

    That whole thing is just ugly looking. Looks like some sort of Harley Davidson sign or something, all, the flames going up, sorry, but it’s ugly

  • Lonnie Kalar says:

    Do we take all the crosses out of the National Cemeteries next because they are on government land?

  • Jeff says:

    Why would these so called “a couple of counsil members” raise concerns over this if there has been no complaints from the public? It may very well be their agenda to not want a cross on something like a Veteran’s Memorial? Maybe someone from the public has put a bug into the couple of counsel members ear’s?? If it offends you or you have a concern with this cross get off of the counsil and MOVE away. Like Robin posted there will be hell to pay if it is removedl The People Are Speaking!

  • Robin says:

    “a couple of Kenai City Council Members have raised questions on the issue of separation of church and state” I would like the names of these City Council Member !!!

  • Bev says:

    If this is the most pressing thing the City of Kenai has to worry about…things must be “hunky-dory”. Move on to some real issues.

  • Wow. Leif was a dedicated Christian. I attended the same church as he and his whole family did. You should have heard the testimonies and praise for the Lord about his life during his funeral, and the story of his being baptized in a lake on the Kenai peninsula. Pretty funny, the cross is the symbol of his life and his families life. I wonder if they’re offended by it? Makes my blood boil.

  • Robbert Banks says:

    Anyone that complains about a Christian symbol needs to review the first amendment of the US constitution. This is the land of the free not the land of the heathens, get out of our Christian nation!

  • Rick says:

    I agree with Mike, it is ugly. That’s probably why they want it removed, but are afraid to say so. The city logo has a church with a cross on it. Goofballs