Variation for Cooper Landing Bypass

At last night’s meeting of the Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly, John McPherson, a consultant for the Alaska Department of Transportation, gave an update on the Cooper Landing Bypass Project.


McPherson mentioned a variant to the Juneau Creek Alternative, which would avoid the Mystery Creek Wilderness area…


McPherson: “So this is an alternative that we hadn’t previously been exploring. Over the last six months we’ve been sharing that alternative with many of the agencies that are involved and we’ve also had a meeting in Cooper Landing to share that alternative. So that’s one piece of news, is there is a variant to one of the alternatives.

The other imp0rtant aspect to note is a decision DOT made to control access on the new portions of alignment, and controlling access is really a part of remedying the kinds of problems that we see on the existing Sterling Highway.”


With controlled access, the DOT would restrict how and where driveways could connect to the highway.

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