Vandalism at Kenai Duck Walk – Binoculars Shot



Vandals caused $3,500 worth of damage to binoculars at the Kenai Duck Walk on Bridge Access.


Parks and Rec Director Bob Frates said the unit was removed last month…


Frates: “March 13th last month, 2014, my staff while out conducting a routine inspection of various park areas discovered that the viewing scope along Bridge Access Rd has sustained multiple gunshots, probably 8-10 gunshots either with high-powered rifle and/or handgun. The nature of that damage rendered the unit useless and it was removed.”


Frates said it would cost more than $3,600 to replace the binoculars once you factor in labor costs…


Frates: “That’s the difficulty with vandalism, because vandalism obviously is hard to predict and when it occurs you’re left scrambling trying to pay for something that you don’t have funds identified for, but we will make every attempt to get that unit replaced sooner than later, recognizing that it does get a lot of use, particularly during the springtime with the waterfowl migration of the ducks and the geese and the shorebirds. So, yes, we will make every attempt to get it replaced.”


In the meantime, there is a second set of binoculars available in the area, down near the Kenai City Dock.

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