Unemployment Benefits Ending This Month

Posted: December 4, 2013 at 7:59 am

6,500 unemployed Alaskans will see a reduction in their unemployment benefits this month as the federal government ends another tier of the Emergency Unemployment Compensation program.


The last payable week for the Tier 3 benefits will be the week of Dec. 28, regardless of any remaining balances.


The Tier 3 benefits were introduced in November of 2009 as the Great Recession spread across the country. Unemployment Insurance Chief Bill Kramer…


Kramer: “If after 26 weeks of benefits in normal conditions then a person’s benefits are just done and hopefully they return to work, but if they haven’t there are no more unemployment insurance benefits for them. So Congress started the Emergency Unemployment Compensation program in response to the unusually high unemployment that the country has been experiencing for the last five years now. So this Emergency Unemployment Compensation program helps people who’ve gone past the 26 week period and are still unemployed and this provides additional benefits for them.”


The State confirmed the EUC end does not affect those receiving regular state unemployment benefits of up to 26 weeks.


If you need further help with benefits or finding employment, the Alaska Job Center networks may be contacted online at Jobs.Alaska.Gov or by calling toll-free 877-724-2539.

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2 Comments to “Unemployment Benefits Ending This Month”

  • Joe says:

    There are jobs to be had. Some people just don’t want to work. I don’t have any sympathy for them. They will only work at ridiculous high wage rates. They have been able to sit home, do nothing and get paid for months.

  • Steve Wright says:

    12/17/13 News Flash there Joe. Unemployment Benefits ARE NOT FREE. Those are Deducted from each & every PayCheck for years & years. They have EARNED those Benefits thru PayRoll Deductions. Think before You Speak SPW