UFA Await Finding on KRSA Eavesdropping Allegation

Roland Maw of UCIDA said he, along with the 35 other groups part of the United Fishermen of Alaska, said they’re currently involved in a lawsuit against Kenai River Sportfishing Association, with claims KRSA eavesdropped on a UFA teleconference…


Maw: “Apparently, a number that is registered to Kenai River Sportfishing was on the teleconference for about 70 minutes, and I remember when  someone came onto the conference call, came on late, and the moderator asked that party to identify themselves and they never did. And at the time I thought that was odd.”


The allegation is that KRSA then used the privileged information in discussions with the Alaska Board of Fisheries. We’ll follow this story as it develops.


***KSRM wishes to correct a statement in the above article. As of April 12, 2013, UFA has not pursued a lawsuit against KRSA***

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