Alaskan Senators Take Surprising Split on Obamacare

U.S. Senator Mark Begich was thrilled last week when the U.S. Treasury Department announced an additional year will be granted for business owners to comply with the so-called employer mandate in President Obama’s Affordable Care Act.


Senator Begich appeared to take credit for that delay, saying: “I’m pleased the administration is listening to me and the many businesses that are concerned about the complexity of the new requirements.”


But today, he voted along party lines to continue funding the employer mandate during a meeting of the Senate Appropriations Committee which was not televised.


Alaska’s senior Senator Lisa Murkowski was also part of the vote, but was strongly opposed to the funding.


She said: “Today Democrats on the Senate Appropriations Committee chose to allocate billions of dollars to the Affordable Care Act – a law leaders of their own party call a train wreck.  With a $16.8 trillion debt, we simply cannot afford to fund a bad law that imposes unworkable mandates on individuals and small business.”


She said she was disappointed the Democratic majority voted to fund the employer mandate, though the President himself recommended a delay.

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