Tusty Will Sail: DOT Confident About Testing

The federal government furloughs could delay the ferry Tustamena from re-entering service on October 20, but the State Department of Transportation says they’re not worried.


The Tustamena must pass U.S. Coast Guard balance and stability tests before heading back to Kodiak, but most of the staff in charge of the testing in Washington D.C. are currently on leave.


The DOT’s Jeremy Woodrow says they still expect smooth sailings…


Woodrow: “The incline testing on the Tustamena does have to be certified by the U.S. Coast Guard. Marine Highway is working with the Coast Guard right now to put a temporary solution in place; it’ll probably be a temporary certificate to allow the vessel to sail with limited weights on board while the permanent certification is reviewed and passed by the Coast Guard. So, we’re confident the vessel will be back in service and ready to sail by October 20th publish date.”


The Tustamena has been out of service for nearly a year.

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