Tsalteshi Trails Vandalized

Posted: January 30, 2013 at 5:12 pm

An act of vandalism late yesterday evening has shocked a community recreation group. We spoke to Bill Holt, Maintenance Manger for the Talteshi Ski Trails…


Holt: “Looks like some folks got in with a pick up truck or some sort of a four-wheel-drive vehicle and drove out onto the ski trails. They drove in from Skyview High School side, drove out onto the trails, kind of goofed around, tried spinning tight corners and then got stuck, and then left it there, went and got somebody else and came back a little bit later with another truck to tow it out. They got stuck and then somebody else came to help them with a snow machine, and basically they just kind of terrorized, vandalized about a kilometer and a half of our ski trails and we’ve been working all day trying to fix it up.”


Holt said the current snowy conditions have made it possible to re-groom the trails, but there’s more than just physical damage…


Holt: “Well, it’s horrible. It’s a gut-wrenching, horrible feeling. I was out working late last night until, probably until 10:30. I worked all yesterday, with the new snow we had, and finished up at 10:30 last night.”


Holt said it appeared the vandals had been to Arby’s before heading over to the trails; there was Arby’s trash and wrappers everywhere.


Anyone with any information about this incident should contact local law enforcement officers.


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One Comment to “Tsalteshi Trails Vandalized”

  • Susan says:

    Sick. If they are minors, I’d like to see many hours of community service for their actions. They should have to do some hard labor to remind them of the consequences. And Boo to ANY JUDGE who let’s the parents say “my kid didn’t do that”. This is the time when parents need to say “You got caught, you dance to the music”. I am not going to bail you out of trouble. You made your choice, live with it.” And let’s stop being so damn easy on first timers. That is when they need to get their butts kicked the hardest!!! If they are taught to weigh the “what ifs” to the crime, maybe they’ll take notice that one cat of crime is not worth the what ifs!