Troopers Respond to Bear Mauling at Kasilof Beach

Posted: April 29, 2013 at 6:27 am

Yesterday afternoon, just around 4:00pm, the Alaska State Troopers and Alaska Wildlife Troopers responded to the Kasilof River Beach access off of K-Beach Road to a report of a bear mauling.

Troopers told us that upon arrival, an investigation revealed a two to three year old female brown bear was acting erratically by attacking a vehicle, a telephone pole, and then eventually attacking a male walking on the beach.  The unidentified male did suffer minor injuries to his arm.

Troopers went down the beach to warn other beach walkers of the bear, as well as, to locate the bear.

Two Troopers were walking the tree line near the last known location of the bear when it came running out of the woods towards Troopers.  The two Troopers responded by shooting the bear.  The deceased bear was released to a local charity.

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3 Comments to “Troopers Respond to Bear Mauling at Kasilof Beach”

  • Sweetie says:

    Too bad the bear didn’t eat the troopers first!!!

  • Sue Pagenkopf says:

    what a jerk comment! I was there, you weren’t, if those troopers hadn’t been there at that exact right second, this story would have ended in bloodshed and tragedy for several people. This bear was dangerous.

  • leif Jenkinson says:

    Did three months on the Kenai Grand Jury last summer – i have a newly increased respect for our Troopers and Police. Not a job i could do! Could you?