Troopers Prepared for Fair Weather Celebrations

With the warm weather slowly moving into fall, Alaska State Troopers say they’re keeping an eye on local roads. Megan Peters with AST said this time of year, Alaskans are making the most of their summer opportunities before the snow starts falling, and they don’t want to see that become carelessness…


Peters: “We’re going to be making sure people are wearing their seat belts, we want to make sure that people are being good drivers, not impaired by anything, we don’t want them to be practicing unsafe driving behaviors, swerving, changing lanes in no-changing zones, unsafe passing, we’re going to be keeping an eye for those types of things. It’s the last couple weeks of summer, be safe on the roads, so you can get home safely and tell people about your adventure.”


Peters said so far Troopers have issued 365 citations in the past week.

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