Troopers Looking for Public Input into Kasilof Burglary/Arson Case

Posted: June 20, 2013 at 7:26 am

Alaska State Troopers, yesterday, received a 911 call reporting a fire on vacant property in Kasilof.

Troopers responded and the investigation revealed at least two males, who were later identified as 23-year-old Brian James and 30-year-old Casey James both of Kasilof, had entered a camper which was used as a cabin and ransacked the inside.

The two then piled materials from inside on the tundra and lit it on fire. The estimated damage was over $1,000.00.

The Alaska State Troopers are continuing to seek a possible third suspect in this case. Anyone with information is requested to call Soldotna AST post at 262-4453.

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2 Comments to “Troopers Looking for Public Input into Kasilof Burglary/Arson Case”

  • Pete says:

    Too bad nothing will really happen to these idiots. Court will drop most of the charges and they will do no real jail time. They may be ordered to pay restitution but they will not pay it, and again, nothing will happen

  • SWEETIE says:

    Pete is right. The judicial system in Alaska is a sham and only getting worse with everyone from Anchorage moving down to the Peninsula. The Troopers raley catch anyone and enforce just a few of the laws and regulations and ignore most of the others. When they do catch someone and submit charges, the Courts turn them lose.