Troopers, Kenai on Same Page: 24-Hr Dip Netting No Good

The City of Kenai and Wildlife Troopers agree: 24-hour Dip Net openings are trouble. Kenai City Manager Rick Koch said he recently spoke to Col. James Cockrell, the head of Wildlife Troopers in Alaska…


Koch: “We spoke on a ¬†wide range of issues regarding the Personal Use fishery. One of them was the 24-hour opening, and as it turns out, the Troopers aren’t necessarily in favor of the 24-hour opening either, because of the demands it puts on their time, much like the City, when the fishery is opened up to a large period of time each day.”


Koch has previously written to the Department of Fish and Game, asking them to avoid 24-hour openings, but said their response was vague.


Koch: “And hopefully with the position that the Troopers have, that sort of mirrors the position of the City, maybe Fish & Game will take that into account when making their decisions on 24-hour openings this year.”

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