Troopers Increase Patrol On Peninsula During Labor Day Weekend

With the Labor Day weekend approaching, Troopers plan to ramp up patrols around the Kenai Peninsula area focusing heavily on anyone driving aggressively or appearing impaired.

We spoke with Capt. Greenstreet with the Alaska State Troopers for more.



Capt. Greenstreet: “So this holiday weekend we’ve got our Alaska Burough of Highway Patrol out in full force. In years past they’ve gone up to Alaska State Fair to help with the influx of traffic in that area, that particular area is fully staffed and they’ve got that handled which means our Burough of Highway Patrol team can stay in the Kenai Peninsula area and concentrate on traffic in this part of the state.”



We asked Capt. Greenstreet what this increase in patrols entails.



Capt. Greenstreet “Primarily what they’re going to be looking for is impaired driving, aggressive driving and they’re going to be checking seat belts and making sure people have their headlights on in the corridors and overall traffic safety.”


CALL 911 when you believe there is a risk of death or injury due to dangerous driver behavior.

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