Troopers Encourage Regular Surveillance to Avoid Seasonal Crime

We’ve been seeing an increases of property thefts lately, but Megan Peters with the Alaska State Troopers said this is an unfortunately common phenomenon at certain times each year…


Peters: “Any time we have a change of season, or when there’s one time of year when you do one specific thing, for example, changing your tires over. You have four tires, you put them in your shed, you never go to your shed for any other reason, and then when you go to change your tires back out, you find that your property’s been burglarized. A really good way to increase your chances of potentially getting your property back, or to keep people away from your property is have more activity around it. Make sure you check on it once a week, and that way if you do find something missing, it’s a week time frame that law enforcement can focus on and potentially identify a suspect or find your property, instead of something like a three-month period.”

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