Treadwell Calling for Better Arctic Relationship Between State and Feds

Alaska Lt. Governor Mead Treadwell is calling for the federal government to recognize Alaska as a sovereign state, not merely another stakeholder in setting policy.


At the Brookings Institution event, Energy, Indigenous Communities, and the Arctic Council, in Washington, DC, Treadwell spoke about “Arctic Energy Governance” on a panel with Interior Department Deputy Secretary David Hayes.


The lieutenant governor highlighted the need for better cooperation between federal and state agencies in order to realize the potential and address the challenges of the changing Arctic.


Treadwell said that means having the state at the table, not just submitting comments, and that for development and for shipping, we need reliability to attract investment, and we don’t have reliable permitting paths coming out of D.C. A new Arctic strategy has to get us there.


Treadwell noted that federal regulatory delays and uncertainties meant Shell spent billions of dollars over almost a decade trying to develop resources in Alaska’s offshore waters. ConocoPhillips announced last week they are putting on hold plans to begin offshore exploration in 2014 because of regulatory uncertainties.

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