Toys for Tots Teams up with Brown Bears for Year Five

For the fifth year of the local Toys For Tots program, the Marines Corp. is again teaming  up with the Brown Bears to raise funds at this week’s hockey game.


Staff Sargent Joshua Rehm described how participants will throw toys into the turret of a Humvee…


Sgt. Rehm: “All the little stuffed animals, they have tickets attached to them, and then you throw in the stuffed animals and we have our guys pick out a number of stuffed animals, and if they read off your corresponding ticket, then you win a prize. Usually, prizes are donated by the local community.”


Sgt. Rehm said that although stuffed toys are being used for the hockey event, the program doesn’t accept stuffed toys as donations. They’re looking for new toys in their boxes…


Sgt. Rehm: “A brand new toy, unwrapped and still in the box. And there are several drop boxes all around the peninsula.”


Donations are being taken from now through December 7. Click here for a complete list of drop off locations.

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