Today’s Outage a ‘Perfect Storm’

Posted: November 22, 2013 at 6:05 pm

Power has been restored to the Kenai Peninsula after a system-wide outage this afternoon lasted five and a half hours.


If you are still without power, HEA’s Joe Gallagher said to call the outage hotline at 1-888-8-OUTAGE. They found the root of the problem…


Gallagher: “We experienced a situation at the Nikiski Generation Plant, that HEA operates, there was a piece of equipment that monitors fuel supply that goes to the combustion turbine that operates out there in Nikiski. And unfortunately it malfunctioned and it tripped the whole unit, and we were in an interesting situation, what we call ‘islanded.’”


Gallagher explained that the peninsula’s connection to Chugach Electric’s power was cut earlier this week after a power pole in Girdwood failed, closing the Seward Highway for close to four hours. He said the peninsula can usually rely on Chugach power as a back-up, but this week’s events culminated in a ‘perfect storm’ of power outages and bad weather.


He said the outage affected the entire HEA service territory which includes approximately 32,000 meters, as well as the area south of Girdwood, including Cooper Landing and Seward.

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2 Comments to “Today’s Outage a ‘Perfect Storm’”

  • brandon says:

    maybe chugach electric should fix their power pole after 4 days. HEA would not neglect such an important structure for so long. Chugach employees are known for not working, so why not have someone else fix it.

  • Steve Wright says:

    Sat 11/23/13 So here’s the Question of the Day :Do the H E A Paying Customers receive a REFUND for Services NOT PROVIDED ? Anyone got a Answer ? SPW