Time to Take Bear Precautions

While the sunny skies are expected to turn snowy this weekend, Jeff Selinger with the ADF&G, said it’s possible the sunshine is waking up local bears…


Selinger: “Yeah, this’d be the time to make sure you’ve got attractants picked up, including any kind of garbage or anything that’s been laying around outside, freezers and such over winter, that might have food in them that might attract bears. Time to start thinking about removing the bird feeders, all of that stuff should be taken care of here real soon.”


Selinger said that along with taking care of your own attractants, it’s a good idea to also check the surrounding area.


Selinger: “Keep an eye out for, you know we’ve had quite a few moose starving this year, especially the calves, and maybe looking around the neighborhood and making sure something hasn’t plopped down in a wood lot next to ya’ and expired out there, without you knowing about it.”


Selinger also reminded local hunters that bear bag limits and season dates have changed. For more, read: Board of Game Chair Outlines Kenai Peninsula Bear and Moose Changes.

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