Three Ballot Proposals for Borough Residents

Borough residents will vote on three ballot proposition this October. The first would change the Borough property tax exemption from¬†$20,000 to $50,000 and was co-authored by James Price and Fred Sturman…


Sturman: “The State of Alaska gave the Borough permission to change it to up to $50,000 if they want to, but they didn’t do it. So we’re doing it.”


The second is an Educational Capital Improvement General Obligation Bonds, providing further funding for local schools, and the third pertains to Assembly term limits. Assembly Member Bill Smith is responsible for the final version of the term limits proposition, which includes three options…


Asm. Smith(Homer): “You know, there’s a lot of arguments on both sides, but I think that should be left up to the voters. Assembly member Murphy, President Murphy, had a substitute ordinance to take it to the voters instead of the assembly repealing it. My substitute simply added another choice for the voters. The first choice proposed by Assembly President Murphy was do we have term limits or do we not have term limits. My amendment actually just added one more question for the voters, and that’s if we retain term limits should it be two-terms or three-terms?”

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