Three Assembly Seats up for Election in October

The municipal election process is continuing throughout the local area. Borough Clerk Johni Blankenship told us that the filing period for the October municipal election opened at 8:00am this morning, and will remain open until 4:30pm on August 15th.

Blankenship told us that there will be three seats on the Borough Assembly on this year’s ballot…


Blankenship: “For District 3 – Nikiski, District 4- Soldotna, District 7 – Central, and they’re all three-year terms”


Blankenship did say that the assembly, won’t be the only seats on the borough ballot, there will be seats on the school board …


Blankenship: “District 1 – Kalifornsky, District 6 – East Peninsula, District 9 – South Peninsula, again all three-year terms. And there many service area board seats that are available.”


You can find the full list of service area board seats, as well as, information to run thought he Borough Clerk’s website.


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