October 31, 2012


Yesterday I attended the Mock Convention at Nikiski High School. I thought the whole thing was fabulous, but I was honestly moved by watching the kids applaud one another after they spoke.

It surprised and encouraged me, because they protected one another’s right to speak, even if they didn’t agree with the point the person was making. They even protected those who looked foolish. They encouraged one another to get involved, and really bought into the opportunity which was given to them.

I’d like to point out how rarely it happens that we protect one another’s right to speak. Instead, we often weigh things by whether or not we agree or disagree. We say that everyone has a right to an opinion, but we act as though only those we agree with should speak.

The greatest hypocrisy I have seen is the one I was taught in school, that we all have to be tolerant of one another. In theory it’s a great idea. In practice, it means that anyone who says anything confrontational is branded as a wacko and railroaded. We say we should be tolerant, but we refuse to tolerate the intolerant.

There’s no such thing as being a tolerant society, there is only freedom or bondage. If you’re not free to speak, to agree, to disagree, to be tolerant or intolerant, you’re not free.

Does your government, your society, protect this freedom? Do you protect it for yourself and others?

Think about it


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